Pet Tracker

Metro by T-Mobile

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to setup a Safe Zone?  
  2. How are my pets steps counted?  
  3. How big can I make my Safe Zone?  
  4. How do I install the battery?  
  5. How do I share a tracker with a friend or family member?  
  6. How does the tracker know where my pet is located?  
  7. How long does it take to charge my battery?  
  8. How long should my battery last?  
  9. How long will it take to notify me when my pet leaves the Safe Zone?  
  10. How many Safe Zones can I create?  
  11. How often does the activity report update?  
  12. I cannot seem to find my tracker when attempting to add to My Trackers.  
  13. I forgot my Access Key what do I do?  
  14. I forgot my password what do I do?  
  15. I often get Safe Zone alerts even though my pet is inside my house.  
  16. I powered on my tracker, but it keeps showing offline?  
  17. I powered on my tracker, but the app cannot seem to find my tracker?  
  18. Is my Pet Tracker dust and waterproof.  
  19. I’m having issues setting up my Safe Zone.  
  20. Location history does not seem to always show my pets locations while outside the Safe Zone.  
  21. My battery does not seem to charge?  
  22. What do the LEDs on the Pet Tracker indicate?  
  23. What is needed for my Pet Tracker to work?  
  24. What phone number is the Pintrac app asking for me to enter?  
  25. What size of collars can be used for my Pet Tracker?  
  26. What versions of Android are supported?  
  27. What versions of iOS are supported?  
  28. When can I perform live tracking?  
  29. When can I perform Locate Now?  
  30. Why does my tracker have screws?  
  31. Why does tracking sometimes show blue dots and other times show purple.  

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